Outdoor Soccer 2015 – Registration and Updates

Outdoor registration for 6-on-6 only is now open online. Online registration closes Monday, May 4th at 11:00pm EST. There is one in-person sign up day from 6-8pm on Tuesday, May 5th at the Davidson Centre Bruce Telecom Room.

Registration is through the”Soccer Registration” link on the menu bar above. A spot is not guaranteed until payment is received.

Ok, back to 6-on-6.

What’s Changed This year?

  1. Fees – fees are increasing by $10 this year. This wasn’t an easy decision because we know that you have many options to spend your money on. However, it was a decision based on a number of factors as costs have increased over the past 8 years since the league was created. Insurance, equipment, jerseys, the banquet, 11-on-11 field time and referees (part of 11-on-11 registration fee only), gym time (5-on-5 registration fee only) all increase incrementally each year.
  2. Voluntary Captains Are Back – If you are interested in being a captain please note it on your registration form. Captains will have input into their teams and be their team’s point of contact with the league.
  3. Shift Workers – Due to some attendance issues on some teams that have mainly been attributed to a significant number of shift workers on a team we have added this field to allow us to better assign players to minimize the chance of teams not having enough players to play a game.
  4. Minimum Age Is Now 19 – With the Under-20 minor soccer teams disbanded there is now no soccer available for those ages 19 and 20. Since our mandate is to grow and promote adult soccer in Kincardine we have reduced the age limit to accommodate this age group so that there’s a league available for them to play in.

New Initiatives This Year

Some additional initiatives we are starting this year are the following:

  • Recognizing that the flats for 6-on-6 aren’t getting any better and field space is at a premium (see struggle in getting 11-on-11 field time), we are working to get The Flats rolled and to get them top-dressed this fall. Part of the fee increase for 6-on-6 goes towards this.
  • Improved communication between the executive and membership. Surveys for all leagues will be issued this year to get your feedback on the leagues. Be honest and constructive in your feedback; we can’t get better if we don’t know there’s an issue.
  • Expanded league to include individuals 19 and older in order to support those players who have nowhere else to play after the under-20 minor soccer leagues were disbanded.
  • Working closely with the town and other user groups to improve the adult soccer experience with improved field times and better coordination between groups.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all out on field this summer. As always, if you have any feedback, questions or concerns please email us at kincardineadultsoccer@gmail.com



Kincardine Adult Soccer