Indoor Update + Moving Into the New Year

Photo Credit: David Clarke

The Indoor season is in full swing now and we are already done with preseason games.

The feedback for both Wednesday and Friday leagues has been great so far and that makes us super excited.

One thing we have noticed however, is that Friday attendance is quite low, which means we are opening the registration doors once again.

If you are interested in playing Indoor with Goalies on Fridays, please register here. All skill levels welcome.

Register for Friday Indoor League

What’s Coming Up in the New Year

Bruce Avenue Fields

2018 was a good year for our league. We contributed $10,000 towards the lighting project at Bruce Ave fields and made that our ground zero for Summer leagues.

The first few weeks were a bit touch and go with the quality of the field being quite sub-par and we definitely want to thank you for your patience.

We have been in touch with the Municipality of Kincardine quite a bit over the past several months and are working closely with them to try and improve the quality even more for next year.

With top dressing, a fresh seeding and an improved watering schedule, we are hoping to see some improvements for the 2019 summer session.

2019 Indoor Soccer Tournament

Speaking of 2019, we are already planning our Annual Indoor Soccer Tournament.

The date has been secured and we will be hosting it on April 13, 2019 at the Davidson Center.

Early Bird Registration will open in the new year, but if you would like to receive updates, please enter your details below:

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As details pop up, we will update the Tournament page. If you are interested in becoming a tournament sponsor, please email us at

We are very excited to see what 2019 brings.

Happy New Year!