Indoor Tournament Schedule

The tournament is upon us and the countdown is officially on.

Here are some details to keep in mind for game day.


Please arrive 30 minutes before your first game to register your team and sign the liability waivers.

Each member of the team will be required to sign a waiver before playing.

Game Times

We have separated teams into two pools and game times will commence promptly on time in order to keep on schedule.

Here is the schedule for Day One:

Games are 35 minutes straight playing time now so that each team gets 3 guaranteed games on Day One and we’re done early enough to get a good nights sleep.

Please note that from 1-2pm there all players must vacate the gymnasium as there is a basketball game scheduled.

We will return at 2pm and promptly start the post-lunch game at 2:10pm.

Rules can be found here. Please review them before game day.

Just a reminder that there is a ONE FEMALE MINIMUM. This means that one female must be on the court at all times or your team forfeits.

Breaks will not be granted in order to accommodate teams who do not have female substitutes, so please keep this in mind. You are eligible to add females (or any other players) to your team up until the start of your first game. Once you have played your first game no more additions can be made. There is a 10 player maximum.

Team Shirts

From the team details responses we received it looks like multiple teams may be wearing the same colour. We advise you to bring a second colour just to be safe.

We will likely have pinnies, but it’s always best to come prepared. From the team responses there is a very good chance we will have two teams of red and two teams of blue — just something to keep in mind!


We have organized to take a group photo on Sunday at 10:20am and hope you will all stick around for this. This is right after game two of the quarter finals.

We are very excited for this weekend and look forward to seeing you there.