Indoor Playoffs

Schedules will be posted weekly based on the results of each game. We will do our best to update the schedule, so you aren’t guessing the day before.  Here’s a quick peak at how our bracket is set up.

In addition to scheduled bye weeks, two Friday night games will be impacted by Easter and Bulldogs Volleyball. On the following dates, no games will be played:
– Friday, April 15
– Friday, May 6

We also want to quickly remind members one last time that while we encourage a healthy dose of competition during playoffs, we DO NOT accept aggressive or inappropriate behaviour.  This includes (but is not limited to):
– physical acts of aggression
– purposeful fouls
– arguing with our referees
– any behaviour that would make your grandma scowl in disapproval

Please remember that at the end of the day this is just a recreational league, designed to provide local people a place to get some exercise and have fun.  As we reminded you just last week, winners only get moderate bragging rights and a handful of minutes holding a trophy that far too many of our core members have drank beer out of….

Below are a few links to our league rules. Peruse at your leisure if you need a refresher!