Health Screen


For Indoor Leagues

Davidson center staff are checking proof of vaccination along with your ID at the entrance near the gym.  You will need to additionally complete the screening form online to show the green checkmark to enter.


For Outdoor Leagues

Prior to your first game complete the Municipality of Kincardine’s one-time COVID screening waiver Covid screening waiver

1) You must fill out the form linked above, entering “KASA” as your witness
2) Take a screenshot of the “Thank you” Page that follows once you submit
3) Show this photo to the executive representative before your first game

For the rest of the season you MUST self evaluate for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before every game. If you are experiencing any symptoms, DO NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR GAME. If you are displaying signs or symptoms, you will be asked to leave.  Long story short, continue to be smart and respect other players health.