Fall Tournament Schedule

Thank you for your patience while we  get the fall tournament schedule published, but it is now finalized!

Schedule and Standings

WEEK 1 – 12Sep2019
7:00: The 2B Determines (Michelle) vs. Kicking & Screaming (Fazal)
8:15: The Hootenannies (Ellie) vs. Boom (Jennica)

WEEK 2 – 19Sep2019
7:00: The Hootenannies (Ellie) vs. The 2B Determines (Michelle)
8:15: Boom (Jennica) vs. Kicking & Screaming (Fazal)

WEEK 3 – 26Sep2019
7:00: The Hootenannies (Ellie) vs. Kicking & Screaming (Fazal)
8:15: The 2B Determines (Michelle) vs. Boom (Jennica)

WEEK 4 – 3Oct2019

Unfortunately, the Monday time-slots were not filed, so the tournament will only be run on Thursdays.  Apologies for any inconvenience.