Clarification – Goalkeeping (6-on-6) + Spirit Points

A few points of clarification as we move into the regular season:

  1. “Goalkeeping” [6 on 6], such as going down on one knee in front of the net or laying down in front of the net is unsportsmanlike. While enforcement of “knee on the ground” is impossible to police since no one wants to get into the discussion of whether the knee was on the ground or just above the ground, please consider the spirit of the league and play accordingly.
  2. Spirit Points should be earned for sportsmanlike play. A score of 3 is considered average for a standard game. If a team exemplifies sportsmanship then they would be eligible for a score of 4 or 5. Lately scores have all been 5 even though there have been some minor issues reported.
  3. Kids on Sidelines [6-on-6] Please ensure you keep your teams to the outside of the field (away from the space between the two fields). That keeps kids away from the space between the two fields and less likely to get hit by balls.
  4. Code for Nets [6-on-6]¬†Here’s a picture of the code for the soccer net combination (2363) at the 6-on-6 fields.

photo (1)