Wednesday & Friday Leagues Cancelled Temporarily

I think you know what we’re going to say, but please know this is NOT how we envisioned kicking off 2022.

Following the public announcement from Ontario’s Premier this morning, we will be cancelling both Wednesday and Friday games between now and January 26, 2022 in order to comply with the new COVID restrictions. The next game date will (hopefully!) resume on Friday, January 28 as currently scheduled.

Find all the latest restrictions here:

We are hesitantly optimistic that no further delays will occur, in which case we will work with the Davidson Center to extend our gym times to make up for the lost games.

Upon return to play, please be aware that you will be required to provide your Enhanced Proof of Vaccination, which can be downloaded here:

We are super bummed about this turn of events, but looking forward to seeing you all in the gym in 3 short weeks.

The schedule will be updated to reflect this change and we will keep you updated on any further changes.

Stay safe all!