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Registration Opens Friday!

Exciting news!!!!  Registration opens this Friday, October 22 for the return (FINALLY) of Indoor Soccer.   As always, we will be hosting both a Wednesday 5-on-5 NO Goalie league and a Friday 5-on-5 Goalie league.  Full registration details can be found under the Registration tab.

Please pay particular note of the COVID protocols described in the registration.  A Davidson staff member will be on site to verify proof of vaccination, so please be aware, prepared and respectful.

We are also very excited to announce that we will be implementing a Jersey Sustainability Program this year!!!  We have been brainstorming ways to reduce jersey waste for several months and have come up with a plan that will not only limit the number of jersey’s you have collecting dust in your closet, but reduce registration fees and be kinder to the environment.

This season you will be given a Blue and Orange jersey. The expectation is that you bring both jerseys to the game and wear the opposite colour to your opposing team. Simple, right!

Better yet, as you continue to register for new leagues (think, Summer 2022 or our annual Fall Tournament), you will have the option to simply pay a registration fee OR opt to purchase an additional jersey if yours is worse for the wear. The choice is up to you though!

We are beyond excited to continue playing with all of you and look forward to seeing you indoors this Winter.