A few indoor items …

With the new season underway, there are a few reminders we would like you to know.

  1. Scoring from your own end is no longer allowed. Teams cannot score goals from their own end. The only exception is if it makes contact with someone on the other team. on the way into the net.
  2. 1 Female and 1 Male must be on the CourtĀ for Each Team. If your team isn’t able to meet this requirement you can play 1 player down.
  3. Balls are Stored in a Locked Black CANADA Bag in the Storage Room. Passcode is 102. Please ensure you return the balls after you are done with them.
  4. This is a fun, recreational league. Teams were balanced the best we could with the teammate requests we were given. Ensure you treat your teammates and opponents with the utmost respect and sportsmanship.