The Kincardine Adult Soccer Association (KASA) began organizing an annual charity indoor co-ed soccer tournament in 2016, and added an outdoor 4-week tournament to the roster in 2019. Both tournaments are a great end to the season & support both KASA’s strategic plan and Canadian Tire Jumpstart. 

Outdoor Co-ed 7-on-7 fall Tournament

KASA’s sixth co-ed soccer tournament will be held over the course of four weeks.

Please note the one week rain delay; the tournament is now starting September 30, 2021.

When: Thursday September 30, 2021 – October 21, 2021
Where: Bruce Ave Fields
Teams: Co-Ed with 7 players on the field (6+1 goalie)
Note: must have at least 1 male and 1 female on the field at all times.
Games: Games are at 6:30 and 8:00PM
Cost: $250 per team

Please remember that this is a recreational tournament and there will be players of all abilities.  

The outdoor tournament rules are generally same as regular soccer (no handballs, goalies can only touch the ball with their hands in the box, etc.), but a few reminders:

  • There is also ZERO tolerance for abuse of our referees, if a player is rude to the referee they will be asked by the referee or a KASA executive member to leave the field. YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN A REFUND.
  • No slide tackling or pushing in this league. This is a recreational league and the goal is for ALL our members to have fun.
  • One player of each gender MUST be on the field at all times. This will be reinforced by the referee; however there is an expectation from all teams to police this themselves.
  • No throw-ins – due to COVID, teams will kick the ball in from the sidelines (to minimize touching the ball with our hands).  You can’t get a goal from a sideline kick-in (but can get a goal from a corner kick).
  • Substitutions will happen on the fly – you don’t need to wait for a stoppage in play or permission from the ref.
  • All players on your team should be given equal playing time, the spirit of KASA is fair, fun, recreation for everyone!
  • Shin pads are required.
  • There is no offside in this league


Date & Time

Field 1       (closest to Bruce Ave)

Field #2

September 30

Referee: Michelle/Kiley/Masoom

Referee: Stuart Killin


Neymar Goals vs. Kicking N Screaming

ABCDE FC vs. Win or Booze


Paul the Wall FC vs. Amigo’s

Game of Throw-in’s vs. Double Shots

October 7th

Referee: Michelle/Kiley/Masoom

Referee: Stuart Killin


Neymar Goals vs. ABCDE FC

Kicking N Screaming vs. Win or Booze


Paul the Wall FC vs. Game of Throw-in’s

Amigo’s vs. Double Shots

October 14th

Referee: Michelle/Kiley/Masoom

Referee: Stuart Killin


Neymar Goals vs. Win or Booze

Kicking N Screaming vs. ABCDE FC


Paul the Wall FC vs. Double Shots

Amigo’s vs. Game of Throw-ins

October 21

Referee: Masoom/Owen

Referee: Stuart Killin


Game of Throw-ins vs. Kicking N Screaming

ABCDE FC vs. Double Shots


Paul the Wall FC vs. Neymar Goals

Amigo’s vs.  Win or Booze


1Neymar Goals3300154119
2Paul the Wall FC321010287
3Win or Booze320115966
5Double Shots311113944
6ABCDE FC30121119-81
7Kicking N Screaming3012817-91
8Game of Throw-Ins3003520-150




OUTDOOR Co-ed 7-on-7 Tournament – FALL 2019

The first fall tournament was a fun alternative the the popular 6×6 league but with a goalie and larger nets.  Congratulations to Michelle Goetz and The 2B Determines.

Indoor Co-ed 5-on-5 Tournament – April 13, 2019

Reigning champs Winchester United were defeated 6-2 by Huron United FC in a very exhilarating final game. For our 4th annual tournament we reverted back tot he one-day tournament model and were thrilled with the support. Looking forward to doing it all over again in 2020.

Indoor Co-Ed 5-on-5 Tournament – April 14-15, 2018

For KASA’s third annual soccer tournament we decided to go with a two day format guaranteeing teams 3 x 45min games. It was a gruelling two days and the winners were Winchester United.

Indoor Co-Ed 5-on-5 Tournament – April 1st, 2017

KASA’s second indoor co-ed soccer tournament was held on April 1st, 2017 at the Davidson Centre. Congratulations to the 2017 winners – Walkerton FC!

Indoor Co-Ed 6-on-6 Tournament – April 2nd, 2016

KASA’s first indoor co-ed soccer tournament was held on April 2nd, 2016 at the Davidson Centre. Each team played hard and ultimately Team Winchester was the 2016 Indoor Tournament winner! Congrats!